Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Bashful bee and the Dragonfly

Another of my rhyme/songs poems put to music.

The bashful bee was a sad insect.
His head hung down bending at his neck.
The fear he had of leaving the ground
Kept him from flying away - hey.
Kept him from flying away.

When the dragonfly saw the bashful bee
He said "My friend, just listen to me.
You can't fly when you're looking down'.
Listen to me and you'll fly away, hey.
Listen to me and you'll fly away.

If you lift your head and look up high
You will find that you can fly."
So the bashful bee looked up and found
That he could flay away, hey
And he flew away today, hey.

C l995 taken from my book "Songs for Children"
by Marjorie Arnee ~ (Margaret Arvanitis)
All rights reserved.

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