Tuesday, November 11, 2008

80th birthday, 2012 - Portland, OR.

         78th birthday, 2011- San Francisco, CA

                  Taken at our 50th high school reunion  Creighton, NE.  We were 68 years old.

Ready to go our own way ..  we were eighteen yrs old. 
Taken in Fremont, NE. 

 age five, on the farm in Venus, NE. 

baby picture --  with sister Druella, and brother, Albert. 
Taken in front of the house on the farm where we lived.

When it comes to birthdays, I share mine with my twin sister.  We share a lot .
but sometimes not our view points.


Sharing womb -- Sharing birth,
Sharing parents and siblings.
Sharing the time of growing up
Sharing each other's laughter and pain;
But yet, when reminiscing in later years
We seem to be telling the story
From a different viewpoint. 

Margaret C. Arvanitis
C: November, 2008


Birthdays come and go .. each number a bit larger.  This year I leave this note for
my 76th birthday.  

76th Birthday

I will not wear purple when I get old.
I will not knit nor crochet.
I'll not rock and sing a quiet song
Or sleep away my day.
I shall wear jeans too tight
And cowboys boots and vest.
So save that purple granny dress
Until I am laid to rest. 

 Margaret Arvanitis
C: November 11, 2008