Tuesday, September 4, 2012




M. C. Arvanitis 

A feeding dish I offer them,
A place where they can eat.
And when these rascals find my offer
I get a feeling, oh so sweet.
So today when looking out my window

My heart swelled up with glee
For who should come to visit?
This Black Capped Chickadee.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Walking Against the Wind

Growing old is inevitable when one still breathes. Usually it doesn't bother me...just a passive of time...But when I try to walk up our hill to the main road I get frustrated for I've always enjoyed walking. Each year the path seems steeper and my destiny seems harder to reach while the wind pushing against me becomes stronger.

Walking Against the Wind

M. C. Arvanitis

Up the hill where the road is smooth. 
Where believers always win. 
I take two steps forward, one step back.
Walking against the wind.

Pain stiffens my legs. I catch my breath
And push ahead to where I've been.
Before I slipped into this valley low,
But I'm walking against the wind.

It seems only yesterday. I was young
My body danced and with a grin.
I ran, for nothing bothered  me 
Not even this hateful wind. 

I'll reach the top, if I die trying
For quitting is a sin. 
But Lord it's hard to keep on going
When walking against the wind.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Road Home

The Road Home

I traveled this road
As I was told
Without a complaint or worry,
Knowing it led
Not to dread
So I was in no hurry.

I weathered the storms
Faced my alarms
With the faith You offered me
I took the hard road
carrying my load.
Drove each mile willingly

I welcomed the love;
Yours from above
and with my family's care
I have traveled far
In life's chosen car
Spreading the Love we share.

Now my travels are done
The trip has been run.
No more life’s road will I roam.
As God takes my hand
I now understand
This road that led me Home.

(M. C.Arvanitis)

In memory of my brother-in-law, Gene Bechtel. 


We all have our troubles so when I was told I had breast cancer, I 
panicked , of course. At that terrible word "cancer" don't we all?
But after the first reaction I took over .. after all it was MY life .. and
My body .. and I was in charge. The Power of Mind is stronger 
then any illness. I wrote this to give myself courage and determination 
that this was not going to take me away.  

The Thief 
M. C. Arvanitis

I will not give it a capital ” c “
    For it is not that important to me.
I will not give it my fear and grief
    For it is but an insidious thief
That sneaks, like a coward, in my breast.
    And tries to invade me with its test.
It can push with its malignant strife
    But it won’t stop my dreams of life.
Its reality I acknowledge as true,
    But I’ll stop it now by what I must do.
With higher truths, positive power
    I will fight it from my Universal Tower
With piercing vibes that kill. You’ll see.
    This cancer will have no hold on me.


12/15/11 Five years later I am cancer free. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow on the Roses
(a country song)

Writen after seeing snow on Portland rose bushes.

When Yesterday roses
were blooming so free.
You picked a rose
and gave it to me
With it a promise
that we'd never part
Yesterday's roses
Laid soft on my heart.

Now you have changed dear
Icy winds blow
Your cold heart has turned
my sunshine to snow.
The roses have wilted.
Nothing is right
For there is snow on
the roses tonight

Snow on the roses
Snow in my heart
your letter discloses
From me you will part.
Yesterday's sunshine
has all gone away
and there's snow
on the roses today.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oregon Beach

Nature's gift
wrapped in wind
Often cold, 
always Beautiful. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sunday afternoon--1950  (Nebraska)

Listening to the hit parade on the radio.
Looking out the window towards the road
Watching the movement of a lazy toad
Dreaming of my latest heart throb date.
Wishing he would drive in the farm yard gate
Wondering why the world moves so slow.

Sunday afternoon 1980 (California) 

Listening to the seagulls scream in the sky. 
Gray foam glitters in the sun 
Across my feet then turns and runs
back to its mother wave.  Perhaps this should
Be  where I'll find my home for good
And I think how slowly time passes by

Sunday afternoon 1996 (Texas) 

Listening to the music - old time class. 
Air conditioned room with walls closing in on me.
Wondering if not here where would I be? 
Looking out of the window at the city street
Empty of neighbors who never want to meet.
Wondering why life goes so fast. 

Sunday afternoon 2009 (Oregon) 

Listening to the wind and rain beat down
Making minute rivers on the ground
Standing on the covered deck. I am dry
except for the hidden tear in my eye.
I'm where I want to be .. but I wonder why
I'm still alone, and the days drag by. 


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

80th birthday, 2012 - Portland, OR.

         78th birthday, 2011- San Francisco, CA

                  Taken at our 50th high school reunion  Creighton, NE.  We were 68 years old.

Ready to go our own way ..  we were eighteen yrs old. 
Taken in Fremont, NE. 

 age five, on the farm in Venus, NE. 

baby picture --  with sister Druella, and brother, Albert. 
Taken in front of the house on the farm where we lived.

When it comes to birthdays, I share mine with my twin sister.  We share a lot .
but sometimes not our view points.


Sharing womb -- Sharing birth,
Sharing parents and siblings.
Sharing the time of growing up
Sharing each other's laughter and pain;
But yet, when reminiscing in later years
We seem to be telling the story
From a different viewpoint. 

Margaret C. Arvanitis
C: November, 2008


Birthdays come and go .. each number a bit larger.  This year I leave this note for
my 76th birthday.  

76th Birthday

I will not wear purple when I get old.
I will not knit nor crochet.
I'll not rock and sing a quiet song
Or sleep away my day.
I shall wear jeans too tight
And cowboys boots and vest.
So save that purple granny dress
Until I am laid to rest. 

 Margaret Arvanitis
C: November 11, 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008


                                                                       Soar in the clouds with the Eagles;
Look for the silver lining. 
A life worthy of living 
Is not made with whining

Look at life from the Eagles' nest;
Look at the world from above
For the life worthy of living
Can only be lived with love.

Fly with me!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Angels on Halloween

There are angels assigned to us as we pass this way. They come in all shapes and sizes when you need them most and expect them less.

Here is one of my angels' story:

It was Halloween night and I had just arrived at the bus stop
from the little church where I worked as a preschool teacher in the Village,
California. The last parent to pick up their child drove me to the bus stop
where I would catch the last bus of the evening to get back to my home in
Pacific Grove. As he left me off I realized I didn't have my purse. I had
left it in his car. I tried to wave him back but he didn't see me and soon was
out of sight.

I panicked.No purse -- no bus pass ..
Cel phones were not in use, and if they had been it would have been in
the purse. I didn't have the number of my director, nor the quarter to call her.
and I knew no one in the village. I couldn't call my daughter who lived in Pebble
Beach because she was out of town. No way to call or pay for a long taxi ride back to
my home in Pacific Grove. I was stranded .. on the scariest night of the year.
And there was no one around the bus stop to beg for bus fare.

When the bus drove up, my heart sunk even lower. The old bus driver who knew me
as a regular customer had been replaced by a different driver. I crossed my fingers, told
him of my problem and asked to be let on the bus, promising I would pay him when
I rode the bus again.

Yes he was my angel. He let me ride for free. When I got to the transit exchange in
Monterey where I had to change buses to get to Pacific Grove he put me on the
PG bus, paying the driver himself.

I still had a problem, my apartment key was in my purse .. But at least I could
sit on the porch near my door and hopefully be safe for the night.
But when I arrived at my door the parent was waiting for me. Realizing I had
left my purse in his car he had rushed back to the bus stop. Finding me gone
he had checked my ID in my purse, found my address, and driven all the way
 to Pacific Grove with my purse.

My angels were watching over me on that spooky Halloween night.

Sunny Sparkles

In my 40 years of teaching preschoolers I have writen many poems and put to music.
The following poems are a sample of these rhyme/songs.

There was a little caterpillar
As ugly as could be.
She hid among the leaves
In the mulberry tree.

She was long and skinny
And -- ugh -- her skin was GREEN!
She knew she was the ugliest
Insect that one had ever seen.

So she cried sticky tears
And slimmy stuff that weaves
Until she was covered up
and sticking to the leaves

Mr. Sun came by and found her
He needed a sparkling pad
So he shone down on the caterpillar
'Til she was no longer sad.

She felt herself a changing
into pretty -- can you believe?
This little caterpillar discovered
She had wings up her sleeves.

She broke away from her prison,
Now she soars in the deep blue skies.
The Sun caught her in his light.
Now she sparkles as she flies

C l995 taken from my book "Songs for Children"
by Marjorie Arnee ~ (Margaret Arvanitis)
All rights reserved.

The Bashful bee and the Dragonfly

Another of my rhyme/songs poems put to music.

The bashful bee was a sad insect.
His head hung down bending at his neck.
The fear he had of leaving the ground
Kept him from flying away - hey.
Kept him from flying away.

When the dragonfly saw the bashful bee
He said "My friend, just listen to me.
You can't fly when you're looking down'.
Listen to me and you'll fly away, hey.
Listen to me and you'll fly away.

If you lift your head and look up high
You will find that you can fly."
So the bashful bee looked up and found
That he could flay away, hey
And he flew away today, hey.

C l995 taken from my book "Songs for Children"
by Marjorie Arnee ~ (Margaret Arvanitis)
All rights reserved.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bliss and/or Pain. My views on Amour

Amour (love between man and woman) has been experienced by most of us. It can be total bliss, making our lives wonderful. Or if unrequited it can be like an incurable disease, a powerful deep pain that won’t go away. It can last for a few months, a few years, or for a lifetime. This love is what novels such as Romeo and Juliet are written about. Most of us at one time or other have experienced this kind of love. This tearing hurt must be let out or the disease will destroy peace of mind and body. Writing about it can ease the pain. This is why love poems are written. (many are put to country songs. LOL) The following are some that I wrote at various times in my life.

Growing Love

My love for you has grown
from a sudden revealing glance;
A touch of eyes .. into a magical force
Which transcends deep through the inner most of me.

My love for you has grown
from an abstract indefinalbe desire.
An inate reflex .. Into an universal regard
that embraces all livlng matter In the Universe.
(C) by Margaret Arvanitis
If you pass this on please give me credit.

Softly in Your Mind

Put me softly in your mind
And keep me there the while.
When troubles come, think of me
I will make you smile.

Take me when your dream at night
I’ll chase your fears away.
Oh put me softly in your mind
And use my love today.
(C) by Margaret Arvanitis
If you pass this on please give me credit.


What is reality?
What is dream?
What happens when
the dream becomes
stronger than reality?
Does the dream than
Become real?
And reality becomes
the dream
Soon to fade away.

(C) by Margaret Arvanitis
If you pass this on please give me credit.



Home is ------
Your sweet aura surrounding me;
The nearness of you,
Whether in thought
or physical nearness.
A soft gentle feeling of comfort
and protective closeness.
With you I am home.

(C) by Margaret Arvanitis
If you pass this on please give me credit.

Cupid’s Attack

Man of steel with his shield held high.
Nothing will penetrate his armor.
Yet he sends his arrows right and left.
Each one satuated with a love potion
That consumes body and soul
Leaving my armor melted and useless.
I’m open again to his attack. Oh God,
Let the wounds be healed this time
With the sweet salve of true love
Instead of the bitterness of hate.

(C) by Margaret Arvanitis
If you pass this on please give me credit.

Bless this Mess

We all have our down times and even though I was blessed with my
children, life didn't always go the way I dreamed it would. I had this
sign hanging on my wall and decided to write about it, predicting a
happy ending. : )

(The first ten years of marriage)

The sink is full of dishes
My time is slipping by
the telephone is ringing
And the baby starts to cry.
My neighbor wants to visit.
I must be nice, I guess.
All I have time to say is:
Three little words; Bless this Mess.

(The second ten years)

The car is running poorly
I'll have to take it in
My check book doesn't add up
I'm in the red again.
The bills are piling upward.
Sissie demands that party dress.
I look up, softly sigh and say
Three little words; bless this mess!

(The next 10 years)

The house is dark and quiet
And I'm setting here in tears
My husband's found a younger one
To ease his aging fears.
I reach into my soul for comfort
Longing for a sweet caress.
The only prayer I can utter is
Three little words, bless this mess!

(the final years)

The divorce was fast and easy
My flight is coming in
And waiting for me with sweet love
Is a very special friend.
My career is starting nicely.
I'm wearing a designer dress
I smile and say thank you, Lord.
You have finally blessed this mess.

(C)1971 by Margaret C. Arvanitis
Please give credit if you pass this on.