Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bless this Mess

We all have our down times and even though I was blessed with my
children, life didn't always go the way I dreamed it would. I had this
sign hanging on my wall and decided to write about it, predicting a
happy ending. : )

(The first ten years of marriage)

The sink is full of dishes
My time is slipping by
the telephone is ringing
And the baby starts to cry.
My neighbor wants to visit.
I must be nice, I guess.
All I have time to say is:
Three little words; Bless this Mess.

(The second ten years)

The car is running poorly
I'll have to take it in
My check book doesn't add up
I'm in the red again.
The bills are piling upward.
Sissie demands that party dress.
I look up, softly sigh and say
Three little words; bless this mess!

(The next 10 years)

The house is dark and quiet
And I'm setting here in tears
My husband's found a younger one
To ease his aging fears.
I reach into my soul for comfort
Longing for a sweet caress.
The only prayer I can utter is
Three little words, bless this mess!

(the final years)

The divorce was fast and easy
My flight is coming in
And waiting for me with sweet love
Is a very special friend.
My career is starting nicely.
I'm wearing a designer dress
I smile and say thank you, Lord.
You have finally blessed this mess.

(C)1971 by Margaret C. Arvanitis
Please give credit if you pass this on.

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