Thursday, December 15, 2011


We all have our troubles so when I was told I had breast cancer, I 
panicked , of course. At that terrible word "cancer" don't we all?
But after the first reaction I took over .. after all it was MY life .. and
My body .. and I was in charge. The Power of Mind is stronger 
then any illness. I wrote this to give myself courage and determination 
that this was not going to take me away.  

The Thief 
M. C. Arvanitis

I will not give it a capital ” c “
    For it is not that important to me.
I will not give it my fear and grief
    For it is but an insidious thief
That sneaks, like a coward, in my breast.
    And tries to invade me with its test.
It can push with its malignant strife
    But it won’t stop my dreams of life.
Its reality I acknowledge as true,
    But I’ll stop it now by what I must do.
With higher truths, positive power
    I will fight it from my Universal Tower
With piercing vibes that kill. You’ll see.
    This cancer will have no hold on me.


12/15/11 Five years later I am cancer free. 

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