Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunny Sparkles

In my 40 years of teaching preschoolers I have writen many poems and put to music.
The following poems are a sample of these rhyme/songs.

There was a little caterpillar
As ugly as could be.
She hid among the leaves
In the mulberry tree.

She was long and skinny
And -- ugh -- her skin was GREEN!
She knew she was the ugliest
Insect that one had ever seen.

So she cried sticky tears
And slimmy stuff that weaves
Until she was covered up
and sticking to the leaves

Mr. Sun came by and found her
He needed a sparkling pad
So he shone down on the caterpillar
'Til she was no longer sad.

She felt herself a changing
into pretty -- can you believe?
This little caterpillar discovered
She had wings up her sleeves.

She broke away from her prison,
Now she soars in the deep blue skies.
The Sun caught her in his light.
Now she sparkles as she flies

C l995 taken from my book "Songs for Children"
by Marjorie Arnee ~ (Margaret Arvanitis)
All rights reserved.

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Mariah said...

Nice place to store your poems and memories. Mary M.