Sunday, November 11, 2007

Angels on Halloween

There are angels assigned to us as we pass this way. They come in all shapes and sizes when you need them most and expect them less.

Here is one of my angels' story:

It was Halloween night and I had just arrived at the bus stop
from the little church where I worked as a preschool teacher in the Village,
California. The last parent to pick up their child drove me to the bus stop
where I would catch the last bus of the evening to get back to my home in
Pacific Grove. As he left me off I realized I didn't have my purse. I had
left it in his car. I tried to wave him back but he didn't see me and soon was
out of sight.

I panicked.No purse -- no bus pass ..
Cel phones were not in use, and if they had been it would have been in
the purse. I didn't have the number of my director, nor the quarter to call her.
and I knew no one in the village. I couldn't call my daughter who lived in Pebble
Beach because she was out of town. No way to call or pay for a long taxi ride back to
my home in Pacific Grove. I was stranded .. on the scariest night of the year.
And there was no one around the bus stop to beg for bus fare.

When the bus drove up, my heart sunk even lower. The old bus driver who knew me
as a regular customer had been replaced by a different driver. I crossed my fingers, told
him of my problem and asked to be let on the bus, promising I would pay him when
I rode the bus again.

Yes he was my angel. He let me ride for free. When I got to the transit exchange in
Monterey where I had to change buses to get to Pacific Grove he put me on the
PG bus, paying the driver himself.

I still had a problem, my apartment key was in my purse .. But at least I could
sit on the porch near my door and hopefully be safe for the night.
But when I arrived at my door the parent was waiting for me. Realizing I had
left my purse in his car he had rushed back to the bus stop. Finding me gone
he had checked my ID in my purse, found my address, and driven all the way
 to Pacific Grove with my purse.

My angels were watching over me on that spooky Halloween night.

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