Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sunday afternoon--1950  (Nebraska)

Listening to the hit parade on the radio.
Looking out the window towards the road
Watching the movement of a lazy toad
Dreaming of my latest heart throb date.
Wishing he would drive in the farm yard gate
Wondering why the world moves so slow.

Sunday afternoon 1980 (California) 

Listening to the seagulls scream in the sky. 
Gray foam glitters in the sun 
Across my feet then turns and runs
back to its mother wave.  Perhaps this should
Be  where I'll find my home for good
And I think how slowly time passes by

Sunday afternoon 1996 (Texas) 

Listening to the music - old time class. 
Air conditioned room with walls closing in on me.
Wondering if not here where would I be? 
Looking out of the window at the city street
Empty of neighbors who never want to meet.
Wondering why life goes so fast. 

Sunday afternoon 2009 (Oregon) 

Listening to the wind and rain beat down
Making minute rivers on the ground
Standing on the covered deck. I am dry
except for the hidden tear in my eye.
I'm where I want to be .. but I wonder why
I'm still alone, and the days drag by. 


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