Sunday, November 4, 2007


With five children there was always cleaning and cooking that had to be done. I would much rather sit and wach my childlren and their friends at play. This was written in protest.

Will you childlren go somewhere else to play.
Away from sight and sound.
I simply must get this house work done today.
It's not that I don't want you around,

But everytime my eyes catch sight of you
I stop and watch a while.
And listen to your words of wisdom,
And admire the way you talk and smile.

Bits of human flesh running every where
"I can run faster than you"
Legs and arms swing out like foals
Running free beneath skies of blue.

Your laughter and noise, beckon me.
You are the tranquilizer for silly fears.
I drink in renewed hope and know
This world will continue for many years.

So Little prophets in need of soap,
Go get in some other mother's way.
There you can run and play your childish games.
I simply must get this housework done today.

(C)1965 by Margaret C. Arvanitis
Please give credit if you pass this on.

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