Saturday, November 3, 2007


I love being around the little spirits in my classrooms.. one can get an insight
as to what they think and who they are just by listening to them.
I remember a little boy who was expecting a visit from his Grandpa and was
so excitied. This is the poem I wrote about his grandpa's visit.

My grandpa is coming from Dallas to visit us again.
It's been so long since he's been here--I can’t remember when.
But now I'm worried cause', you see, he sent an e-mail to say
He won't be flying in untill the day after yesterday.
I've waited for a year you know. I can't wait another minute
To see him and his suitcase. There's something for me in it.
He always brings me something nice when he comes to stay.
I want him to be here right now, not the day after yesterday!
I thought he'd be here yesterday. I waited up until --at last
I fell asleep and slept all night. Then yesterday was past.
I woke up crying to my dad, "I just don't understand.
Grandpa should be here by now. Texas isn't a far away land."
I stamped my foot and pouted too. "Why isn't grandpa here?
I hope the day after yesterday doesn't mean another year!"
Then, from the guest room I heard him laugh and say,
"You know the day after yesterday has to be today."
I ran to him and hugged him hard forgetting about my sorrow.
I hope he doesn’t ever leave until the day after tomorrow!"

(C) by Margaret C. Arvanitis
Please give credit if you pass this on.

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